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UFC Vet Josh "The Dentist" Neer interview before his April 9th fight back in Iowa

            10x UFC Vet Josh “The Dentist” Neer will be headlining the World War Fighting Championship 2 in Clive, Iowa at the 7 Flags Events Center on Saturday April 9th. Josh has fought some of the best guys in the world and has fought all over the country for all the big named organizations. He is trying for his fourth straight win at 170 pounds and to make everyone start to notice what he is putting together at this new weight. It has been over a year since Josh has fought in front of his hometown fans. Many of his hometown fans still remember his slug fests at Toad Holler years ago, and are very excited to watch him anytime he comes back to the area to headline a card. Leading into his next fight, I was lucky enough to ask Josh a few questions about his career, training and what lies ahead for the guy who was one of the first guys to put Iowa on the map in the MMA world.

Q- So, you are returning to Des Moines area for the first time in shortly over a year to fight this Saturday at the 7 flags Events Center for World War Fighting Championship 2. Are you excited to be fighting in front of your hometown fans again? Is it actually sometimes more difficult with more stuff to take care of when you fight in the Des Moines area such as sell tickets and get everything set up that you usually wouldn’t have to do?
A- Yeah, it's exciting to fight in front of people that I know. But, it is much easier fighting out of town and not dealing with the tickets and everything else involved.

Q- You come into this fight coming off a quick win against Jesse Finney who had fought in
Strikeforce Challengers and you easily choked him out, and now have won 3 out of your last 4. Saturday you try to add Case to the list of wins and that will make 4 out of 5 and two in a row. Do you feel another win would really start a push for another run to some really good fights in 2011?

A- Yeah, Finney was actually an easy win for me. My only loss was to maybe the #1 lightweight out there in Eddie Alvarez. Plus the weight just killed me. No excuses, but even before the fight I told my manager I can't do 155 anymore. I was cutting from 190-195 and by the time I got in the ring I just felt like shit. If I win this fight Saturday it'll make it 4 straight wins at 170 pounds.

Q- Most of your fights had been at 155, now in the last couple years you have moved up to 170. Are 170 were your most comfortable at now, and feel like that is what you will stay at?

A- I’ve got into lifting and actually have the size to compete at the 170 weight class. Now I feel like I’m a legit 170lb fighter.

Q- I know after the Danzig fight you talked about how much your BJJ has kept improving, is it still something you work on a lot now? What is something that you have really tried to improve on or build on in the last year?

A- Yeah, I always work on everything. We’ve worked a lot of wrestling the past year. That’s what everyone wants to do to me. It used to be my biggest strength but I neglected it and it became my weakness.

Q- I remember first watching you at Toad Holler, when you would just fight anyone in any weight class. What made you want to start fighting? You sure weren’t scared of who you ever had to fight? Did you really enjoy all of those fights when you started out?

A- Yeah, when I started out I enjoyed every fight. I still do enjoy fighting a lot but it's more like a job now.

Q- You have fought for many of the top organizations over the years, UFC, Bellator, IFL, Shark Fights, and many others. You have faced some of the best guys in the world over those years also. Who was the toughest opponent you have ever faced and who was the most fun to beat?

A- Probably my two toughest opponents were Spencer Fisher and Nick Diaz. The person that was most fun to beat was probably Melvin Guillard, because he's such a moron. But my biggest win was din Thomas. He’s actually someone I respect and consider a true martial artist. It was a fun fight.

Q- Do you think you beat Spencer Fisher, many people thought that you did?

A- I think that's for other people to debate.

Q- How different is the Josh Neer that is in the cage compared to the Josh Neer who takes his daughter trick-or-treating?

A- I’m pretty boring outside of fighting. In the ring I fight off of emotion.

Q- LC Davis brought up a great post on
Facebook last week of all the wannabe fighters, and people who say they train to fight. How often do you laugh when you hear stuff like this? Those guys have no idea how hard you guys have sacrificed and time you have put in over the years to get to where you are now. Is it kind of frustrating that people just think they could go do what you do, or do u just laugh and not really care? I personally would love to get a few of those keyboard warriors that talk shit on the forums and each week bring them to Des Moines and see you put on a clinic, I think it would make for a good TV reality series.

A- Oh yeah, the sport is filled with poser's. Probably 90% of the people who fight just do it because it's the cool thing to do. I remember I had a friend that always talked a big game. So he actually trained one day and actually told me he was just going to do what I do and make money and quit working. Ha-ha. Like it was that easy or something. So, I beat the shit out of him. Not really even trying while I was doing it. I go it's not as easy as it looks on TV huh? He go's not at all. Needless to say that was the last day he was a fulltime fighter. He went to work the next day. lol. Every poser who walks in the gym we always try to beat em up and send them on their way back to fantasy land.

Q- I read on the underground asked by the promoters of Shine Fights who they would want to see fight the most, and Neer vs. Fickett was one of the top ones I saw. Now that I thought would be awesome. Is there anyone you personally would like to fight, or fight again?

A- I want to fight Joe Lauzon, but I guess its pretty lame of me calling someone out at a weight class I won't fight at, but at 170 I don't have anyone really. I’d like to fight KJ Noons if he's going to stay at 170. I think it'd be an entertaining fight.

Q- Before the days in the octagon you used to be a pretty good baseball player. Do you still go hit in the cages any and how hard is it being a Cubs fan?
A- It’s easy being a Cubs fan. There’s always next year, lol. Nah it looks like we'll suck again this yeah. No, I don't really play baseball, but I watch the real cubs and I-cubs in Des Moines as often as possible.

Q- What are some of your goals for 2011 and what should the fans be expecting this year from Josh Neer?
A- I just want to keep making money and keep winning fights.

Thanks a lot Josh. If you are anywhere close to Des Moines, or the Clive area I would highly recommend coming and seeing this show. This could be one of the last times Josh is around fighting in Iowa as he will be making his run up the 170 ratings. Tickets are still available at the for these April 9th fights. Doors open at 6pm and fights start at 7.
Also on the card is WEC and M-1 veteran Chuck Grigsby, and much more local talent.

Monday, February 28, 2011

MY WEEKLY SPORTS BLOG: What is wrong with the WWE and will somebody fix i...

MY WEEKLY SPORTS BLOG: What is wrong with the WWE and will somebody fix i...: " I asked myself last Monday, What has happened to wrestling these days? I ..."

What is wrong with the WWE and will somebody fix it soon please !

            I asked myself last Monday, What has happened to wrestling these days? I remember watching and being entertained and enjoying the product the WWF had been pushing years ago, I now sit bored for most of the show only waiting for certain things to get me interested. I would call myself an average fan, not the hardcore follow the story line for two years trying to predict the next step. I haven’t watched religiously like I used too. I did start a couple months ago watching weekly and watching the pay per views. I just want to watch a good show, with good entertainment and athleticism that keep me interested and hope to have a few laughs each night.  I now found myself wondering if I am just getting too old and my thinking has changed or if it’s just that the writing isn’t what it should be for such a big product.
I would like to say that the answer is that the writers are doing a bad job and pushing a mediocre product. I would also like to think that 70% of the fans are like myself, they don’t care if what the Nexus does has to follow some boring story line, so 2 years down the road it makes sense to the hardcore fan that has been following it forever. I use that %, because the 4 people that I text during a Monday there are the 3 that are just hoping to see some good old entertainment, and that other person I am texting who happens to be the best damn blogger on the planet, so that he can fill me in with why they are doing certain story lines, so that I can make some sense of it and pass it on to the other 3. I find reading the Iron Sheiks twitter is much more entertaining than most of the Raw program. Here are a few of my issues the last few months of watching the WWE lately that has rubbed me the wrong way.
            First I am sick of the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame for the WWE is just a long waiting list of every wrestler getting an award. After seeing Hacksaw Jim Duggan going to be inducted I went and looked at who already was in the Hall of Fame. I was shocked with what I would see. You are telling me that guys like Koko B. Ware, The Fridge, and Bob Ueker are all Hall of Fame worthy? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. That would be like the MLB letting in Travis Hafner, Jack Cust, and Hideki Matsui. I can’t wait for next year when they induct the chicken suit that Pete Rose wore, or did they already? I think of Hall of Fame and I think of a group of the best wrestlers to have ever competed in the squared circle, and that isn’t close to what the WWE has done with their Hall of Fame.         
            Second, is the announcing as bad as it has ever been? Michael Cole and that Striker guy a pathetic excuse for color commentary announcers. They make the thought of listening to Vitale and Musberger announce a Duke game enjoyable.  I could find a couple bums on the street that can’t name a wrestler and would think they could do a better job. During the Rumble, I found them getting lost in the action and arguing with each other about stuff that had nothing to do with the Rumble. Lawler was actually doing a good job and as most times he is with the action and the other two clowns were talking about stuff that had nothing to do with what was going on. Diesel comes out to the Rumble and Michael Cole is busy talking about who knows what and then 5 minutes after he was eliminated finally talks about Diesel coming back. I think of all the great announcers of the past and think what people are getting now is just embarrassing. I think Jim Ross sits at home and watches the Spanish channel with captions on the bottom so he doesn’t have to listen to Cole.
            The story lines are just stupid. I am sick of the Nexus and the Core taking up half the show dealing with stuff that they will finally get around to revealing a year from now. At the Rumble I was sick of them trying to make a point of their dominance in showing them eliminate people and just sitting in the ring. I found it boring and don’t really care what 7 of the 8 will ever do. It is a royal rumble, multiple wrestlers in a ring wrestling, not king of the mountain, throwing 1 by 1 people out of the ring. I find that there are way too many divas to ever get anything going. Most of them can’t wrestle and are just a waste of time. I have no problems with looking at them, but that’s about it. I think that HHH was the champ for so long, because the writers didn’t know what to do with him. I find this true with guys like Morrison, DeBiase; these guys never get a decent push and then have new stories all the time trying to find something to do with them. That is most likely why the Da Pope had to leave; they just had no clue what to do with such talent. Instead they push The Miz, how not AWWWESOME is that. They have stars like Orton and Edge also that they don’t know what to do with. Instead they have the 2011 version of the Ultimate Warrior in Cena taking chest bumps for 25 minutes. The tag teams aren’t as good as they used to be, and when they finally get a tag team that is good it seems they break it up and those guys go to singles action and disappear. Also, how can’t they get more than 5 matches in for a taping of Raw? Oh yeah, it’s because they talk for 40 minutes an episode. More matches please and less talky.
            I also question if the WWE can pull off the big matches like they used too. They send the Undertaker to a UFC event and try to get Lesnar to come back. Taker needs to stay away from the Octagon before he ends up knocked out like Lesnar did that night. I feel the WWE couldn’t close the deal and get Lesnar so they had to go backwards ten years and bring back HHH or a rematch. Big Whoop. You had me with the thought of the Rock actually wrestling, but will he? I am starting to think they will swing and miss with that also. Yes, Jericho is my favorite of all time, but I would have also liked to seen him come back and wrestle at WrestleMania. Sting would have been a great pick up lately, which looks like it won’t ever happen. So instead, no Brock, no Jericho, no Shawn Michaels, no Sting and the finally they get HHH to face the Taker. This reminds me of The University of Michigan trying to hire a football coach, the top guys go elsewhere then they say they got their top candidate. Then they bring the Rock back, but he will just be a ref? Yikes, that is awful if you think of a PPV headlined by Taker vs. Jericho and The Rock vs. Cena. Edge vs. Orton would be awesome. Instead you get Doink vs. Dink, Hornswoggle vs. the Boogie Man for the ruler of the swamp, and Booker T vs. Stevie Ray. So disappointing. Even though I would be excited to see who rules the swamp.
 I also think that some of the PPV events should be free, the UFC does this, and I know the WWE isn’t the UFC, but if they had some of the lesser PPV’s for free more people would watch and lead to them watching again on Monday if they liked it. Not every PPV is worth the money. The WCW had events for free and I enjoyed watching them, it made the less stacked cards ok with me, because they were free. This would be a great time to push the Intercontinental Title holders and put together good tag teams. It would sure be nice to have those belts mean more than they do now. I really think they could and should sell those belts better than they do. They put no kind of importance on those belts which is a major mistake. This is how they pumped up greats like Mr. Perfect!!!
            I hope this is just a funk in what the WWE doing, and not a fun I am in. I just truly think it’s the product and not me. I just get this feeling from the casual fans that I talk too weekly. I would think that the casual fan out numbers that hardcore fan that lives, sleeps and dreams about how that certain move during the match that will be brought up again next year between The Miz and Orton and they can say I told you so to their dork fan that also thought that was the move that would change the whole story line down the road. Who cares, just put on a good match, a good show, and good product. Just seems to frustrate me with the story lines and lack of good characters and I hope this changes soon. I guess, I have more issues with the WWE then I thought, maybe one day somebody will understand my thoughts and get hired by the WWE and turn this ship around for me.
            Tell me your thoughts on the state of the WWE; I want to hear from all you casual fans in what you think the WWE could do better. Yes, I agree Chris Jericho is the greatest wrestler of all time, don’t agree, tell me! I love talking to jabronis, and love handing them over to the Iron Sheik so he can put you in the camel clutch, break your back, and make you humble. So add me on Twitter @ChrisSturgill12. See ya next week.

Monday, February 21, 2011

NBA All-Star Weekend

Another great NBA All-Star weekend
The NBA once again outshined every other sport with there All-Star weekend. No other sport does such a good job recognizing these outstanding athletes as David Stern and the NBA does. The NBA does a great job at showcasing their stars and putting them in the most positive light they can. It is a great weekend to show off the guys like Tim Duncan, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett as they are finishing off such great careers. Everyone knows the game doesn’t matter much and those 3 won’t play very much, but the NBA can put a guy like Tim Duncan out there and talk about how good guys like him are on and off the court giving the NBA that positive light they need. I just don’t see this very much from the other sports. In the NFL half the players don’t even want to go to the Pro Bowl, hockey is hockey, and baseball always messes it up.
I am not even a huge NBA fan the last few years, but I find myself every year watching most of All-Star festivities. I love watching the frosh vs. soph game, and too see the future talent that the NBA is bringing in and will have for many years down the road sure makes a person excited about the future of the game. The skills competition usually showcases a couple decent players, but it is the weakest part of the whole competition weekend. The dunk contest was awesome, and I actually watched the whole second half of the All-Star game with the hopes of Kobe getting the MVP award. Nothing could have been better then Kobe dunking ahead of LeBron and patting LeBron on the backside kind of showing him up a little.
The dunk contest was one of the best I have ever seen. I still think that Blake Griffin didn’t even have to dunk the ball and he still would have won, because of the fan vote aspect being in place. I mean they could have had Michael Jordan come out and wave to the crowd and he would have won the fan vote. At least they took away the spin the wheel part of the dunk contest. The fan vote just makes no sense when you are trying to showcase some young guys who aren’t that recognized in the NBA yet. Like Charles Barkley said “You better watch McGee now, because we all know damn well the Wizards aren’t going to be on TNT anytime soon,” The first two dunks that McGee made were two of the best dunks of all time. Then you got Ibaka who had the best free throw dunk of all time yet the voters only gave him a 35??? Do you think that they were told not to let Blake get beat? Dr. J was pry busy tonguing McGee’s mom so he might have missed it and not even voted for Ibaka. For Blake to win on a dunk that a high school boy from Iowa did just didn’t settle right with me. It could have been the massive t-bone I ate earlier, but the dunks should be evaluated as a whole contest, just not the final two and then let the fans vote. This kind of took away from the best dunk contest ever as it looked like it was totally set up for Blake too win. I
Either way I guess, it was just a minor problem I had with the overall presentation of the All-Star weekend. I think as long as the NBA doesn’t ever take it back to Las Vegas, it will always be the best compared to all the other sports. Its not about who wins and loses the games, It’s all about showcasing the great young talent the NBA is full of now and the great career accomplishments from the older players. I personally think the NBA has the deepest pool of talent that it has had for a very long time. The NBA does many things wrong, but the All-Star game is something they pull of perfectly.
Let me know your thoughts about the All-Star game or what you think about the NBA these days. Would love to talk about what if guys like Reggie Miller would have sold out and went to Utah like Carmelo and everyone is doing now or will John Wall always have to play second fiddle to Derek Rose ? Hit me up on twitter @ChrisSturgill12 and tell me your thoughts.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Who Voted for these guys ?

            Will anyone ever admit to voting for these people ?
            I have started to wonder about what goes on in people’s heads when they vote for somebody to get a certain award. The last month has come and brought with it Troy Polamalu winning the defensive player of the year award and Yao Ming being voted on by the fans to start on the NBA All-Star team. Neither one of these guys really deserve any type of award or should be awarded too such an All-Star team. I wonder what the fans or the voters saw that really made them go and vote for these athletes. I understand that in a couple months nobody will really even remember either of these, but for now, I question you, Is Yao Ming really the top center in the West? Was Troy Polamalu the defensive player of the year in the NFL?? I highly doubt it. Actually the more I think about it, No F’n way they are.
            Fans each year get to vote for the starters for the NBA All-Star game and each year it seems somebody is named a starter that shouldn’t be. This year it really holds true when Yao Ming was voted to start for the West. Yao can’t even start a game for his own team the Houston Rockets this year or even his national team. If he can’t even play for them how did you really think he deserves to be an All-Star? This just blows my mind. No way should a player who can’t even play be awarded to an All-Star award of any kind.
            Yes, I understand that he was replaced anyways, but it just shows how messed up the system is. Kevin Love shouldn’t be a replacement All-Star, he deserves to be a regular All-Star enjoying his first trip to the game for his accomplishments this year, not having to be brought into the who is better debate, even though it is a good debate between him and Blake Griffin. I for one would like to see the NBA only let the fans choose between a certain amount of players that actually play. Players like Yao shouldn’t even be on the ballot. It would definitely stop things like this from happening again if people didn’t even have the choice to vote him on.
            I am thinking that many over seas computers led to this happening and maybe a few Rockets fans had a few too many drinks one night and voted late at night for Yao. But, If this isn’t the case and you really think Yao is having the type of season to warrant being on the All Star team and voted for him, please go to the nearest mirror and look at yourself real good and ask yourself this question, Does Yao really deserve to start in the NBA All-Star game? If you still really think he does, do me a big favor and punch yourself as hard as you can in the groin. You deserve that. Also tell your friends I feel for them having to listen to you talk about sports. I bet you are the guy expecting big numbers out of Ken Griffey JR this next baseball season and expect North Carolina to roll to another national championship this year since Roy always wins the big game in the NCAA tournament.
Now to the NFL defensive player of the year award that was awarded to everyone’s favorite shampoo salesman Troy Polamalu. He pry does deserve to be named in the names of guys in contention for this award, but in no way should he be in the same sentence as Clay Matthews. No it’s not because I like straight hair over curly hair either, even though I do like my hair being straight. It's because, I actually like players who play more games and contribute more at the end of the season.  At the end of the season Polamalu wasn’t even in the games for the Steelers or leading there defense on every play. Clay Matthews sure was though. Clay did miss a game early in the year that the Packers lost, but Polamalu missed the two final games of the year, much more important games to the future of his team. Both players had about the same amount of tackles. Polamalu had more picks which he should of course being a safety and getting to play the Bengals and Browns each twice; both teams are teams whom my mother could have started at quarterback for this season.  She wouldn’t even have threatened to sell her house if the Bengals forced her to come back after playing so bad.
            Now I give the deciding factor to Clay, because of the 14 sacks and pressure he always was putting on the quarterback coming off the edge. The argument about Clay being closer to the ball means you didn’t watch any of the Steelers games as Troy was up on the ball often also and did about the same thing just less affectively as Clay did. The speed rush that Clay brought was insane pressure that most teams couldn’t stop, or had to totally run away from. Most likely my biggest thing goes back to Clay was also playing football at the end of the season when his team really needed him. He wasn’t playing half games or sitting out like Polamalu. Maybe my hate for the Steelers would affect my voting, but I didn’t see anything out of Polamalu different this year then he has done any other year except reap the awards of Woodley and Harris making quarterbacks rush passes while he was playing safety and then putting on his token pressure off the corner. This year I did see a Clay Matthews I have never seen in his collegiate or NFL career.
            Either way I just think that these awards have gotten a little ridiculous when you see such things as Yao making the All- Star game and Troy Polamalu winning the NFL’s defensive player of the year award. Should we just flip coins between players since the fans can’t get it right, or should we cut cards since the writers never can? That I am not for sure of, I mean I wouldn’t give much credit to American voters in general the last maybe 10 years, so what should I expect when it comes to voting for sporting awards. Or maybe I will only be happy when one of the players on the miserable teams I cheer for is the player to luck out with these votes. Maybe then I will think the system is great.
 If you have any great ideas I want to hear them or if you want to tell me how stupid I am that’s cool also. I probably don't get as much of that as I should ever since I have moved out of my parents basement, so add me on twitter @ChrisSturgill12 and let me know, I also wouldn’t mind a Mark Zuckerberg kind of stalker aslong as its female and halfway decent looking. Love talking about all types of sports; ufc, spring training baseball starting, college sports - nfl - nba, anything.           

Monday, January 31, 2011

Football Weekly Updates: Packers having to deal with the smallest of issues...

Michigan Football Weekly Updates: Packers having to deal with the smallest of issues...: " Will the Packer’s non game issues going into the biggest game of the year..."

Packers having to deal with the smallest of issues

            Will the Packer’s non game issues going into the biggest game of the year affect them

I think so far going into this weekends Super Bowl it sure has been easy to tell which team only has a couple players with super bowl rings compared to the team with over 20 players with Super Bowl rings. The Green Bay Packers are talking about everything except the football game. They have injured players upset about when the team picture is going to be taken and already issues rising about the Super Bowl celebration that will be held if Green Bay wins the game. I find it funny that you have to hear about what team captains Aaron Rodgers and Charles Woodson are doing off the field to keep everybody calm and happy by solving their own little personal issues, when the captains should be getting their respective offensive and defensive groups ready for the big game. I surprisingly haven’t heard any Pittsburgh Steelers news other then some player injuries that will actually affect the outcome of the game. No Steelers players have to limit talking to the press about non game issues like the Packers players are doing. I am almost starting to get a feeling this could affect the Packers just a little, and in such a big game that is supposed to be close, it might just be something to watch going into the game.
            It all started when injured Packer linebacker Nick Barnett took to the powerful internet tool that is Twitter and complained about how he was a part of the team and should be in the team picture that is usually taken before the Super Bowl. The team picture was supposed to be taken early in the week so it wouldn’t get in the way for the game preparations later in the week and if it was taken early in the week the 16 players on the injured reserve wouldn’t be in the team picture as they don’t show up until Thursday. This then fueled injured tight end Jermichael Finley to also go on Twitter and post that “it wasn’t cool” that he wouldn’t be a part of the team pictures. I do understand both of these players should be in the team picture since they did play in some regular season games this year and will get a ring if the Packers win. It’s just the way they went about it that I think could have been done much differently. I think the players could have contacted team management and something would have been worked out in a much easier fashion. It is also weird from two players that aren’t even using the Packers center for rehab and aren’t even around the team for the last few weeks. They act like they can just leave and rehab in California and all of a sudden fly back to the Super Bowl and have people do whatever they want since they are on a team playing in the Super Bowl.
            These complaints led Aaron Rodgers and Charles Woodson, who were hearing all this media backlash for such a silly issue and take it upon themselves to go to the team management and easily get the schedule changed so the 16 Packers on injured reserve will be a part of the team picture taken later in the week. Aaron Rodgers also mentioned that while he was on the IR he was around the Packers complex getting his rehab and not in California away from the team and facility. This was quickly taken out of context and made more problems as the media made it seem like he was mad the guys chose other places to do their rehab work, when I don’t think he really even cares. It is crazy what a simple tweet can lead to these days. I find it ridiculous that something like this had to be turned into such a big deal. A team picture should not be the most talked about thing going into the week before the super bowl. Can’t they talk about the great growth and leadership Rodgers has shown improving as a quarterback after getting the cold shoulder from the little Greg Oden wannabe Brett Favre? Instead the reporters scour twitter and Facebook just waiting to take it and report on it.
            The other issue that is now getting the great coverage of ESPN is the issue of the the celebration party. Already talking about a victory party before the game? That just seems crazy that it needs to be already being talked about. The Packers are going to not have a parade in town instead they want to charge the fans six dollars and also then for parking and the left over food and beverage that will be sold. I understand everybody wants to make a few more dollars, but this is just ludicrous. Making the fans pay money to come celebrate something of such magnitude with the players. This should be a time of fun and celebration that most people never get to experience.
            I wonder if back in the day what would have happened if these stupid little issues would have been talked about, because of the great reporting by ESPN and other media outlets. You are telling me Joe Namath would have kissed the hot blonde good bye and set the bottle of liquor down to go settle an issue about a stupid team picture? Yeah right! Not even crazy Al in would have been worrying about charging the fans to come celebrate. That also could be because he didn’t think of it yet, he might of just went ahead and done it if he had.  I just think it is ridiculous that the celebration party is another issue these guys have to hear about. They shouldn’t even be worrying about some stupid party about something they don’t deserve yet.
All of this really makes me wonder if all these little petty issues will actually affect the team of guys trying to win there first rings compared to the guys who have won this game before and are being able to relax and not worry about anything so stupid. Not even Roethlisberger has messed up yet and Hines has only complained about money once this week, so that is a good thing for the Steelers. I for one am hoping this stuff doesn’t take away from the Packers and they can win the Super Bowl to allow Charles Woodson to get his ring, since he missed out because of that stupid tuck rule, and my hatred for the Steelers. Or most likely I just sometimes hate the stuff that is reported on by the media. I don’t care about the team picture, party, or what gloves receiver Greg Jennings uses. I want to hear about something that has actually got to do with the game, not turn something so small into something that will affect the game, because they have nothing more to report on. I hold out hope that it won't and the Packers win 31- 27 and I predict the score right to win 10 grand at the bar. We can always dream cant we ?